Password Protect PDF

Add a password to encrypt your PDF in seconds
Or drop your PDF in the window

How to Password Protect a PDF

Step 1: "Choose File" from your computer
Choose the PDF you want to encrypt. Note that we only provide password and encryption support for PDF files.
Step 2: "Open" or drag-and-drop your file
Once you've found the PDF you want to add a password to, open it in our Password Protect PDF tool to begin.
Step 3: "Enter your password" & "Save"
Begin encryption by adding a password to your PDF. Type your password and click "Save".
Step 4: "Download" your encrypted PDF
Your old PDF has been encrypted with a password. Click "Download" to receive your new password protected PDF.

Why use Big PDF Converter?

Quality: High-end file conversion
Privacy: Files deleted within 24 hours
Simple: Easy for anyone to use
Encryption: SSL & TLS-certified
Unlimited: Free conversions and downloads
Growing: New PDF tools added regularly