How do you transfer a PDF file to Word?

You can transfer a PDF file to Word by using the menu directly inside Microsoft Word. You can either import your PDF file as an image into your Word document, or you can open your PDF file so that its content is editable.
To convert your PDF to an editable Word document, simply:
  1. Click "File"
  2. Click "Open"
  3. Find the PDF file on your computer, and click "Open"
  4. Wait a few seconds, and your PDF will appear in Word
To transfer your PDF file into a Word document as an image,
  1. Click "Insert"
  2. Hover over "Pictures"
  3. Click "Picture from File..."
  4. Locate your PDF, click "Open", and your PDF will appear inside your document

Turning a PDF into a Word document can be even easier.

Try using an online PDF to Word converter next time you need to transfer a PDF file to Word. The process is faster, and the formatting is often more close to that of the original PDF.