How do I keep hyperlinks from Word to PDF?

You keep hyperlinks from Word to PDF using Microsoft Word directly or by using an online PDF converter. Word to PDF conversions generate a static file that is not designed to be modified, so it will retain the original document formatting, including the hyperlinks.
To convert your Word file to PDF and keep hyperlinks, simply:
  1. Open the desired Word document
  2. Click on "File" at the top-left of the menu bar
  3. Select "Save as…", choose "PDF", and check the box "Best for electronic distribution and accessibility"
  4. Click on "Save", and you’ll soon have a PDF file that keeps its original hyperlinks

Converting Word to PDF is easier with online tools

Whether you need PDF tools to convert Word to PDF or PDF to Word while maintaining the right formatting and hyperlinks, take advantage of the online solutions to simplify your professional life. You can even insert a PDF into Word too if necessary.