Can you import a PDF into Excel?

Yes, you can import a PDF into Excel. If you have Adobe Reader installed on your device, simply open Microsoft Excel on your computer, and follow these five easy steps:
  1. In Excel’s menu, click on the "Insert" tab in the menu
  2. Click the "Object" icon
  3. In the pop-up, select "Create new" > "Adobe Acrobat Document"
  4. Check "Display as Icon" and then Click on "Ok"
  5. Choose the file from your device file system, and the PDF file will appear as an icon in the Excel spreadsheet
You can also import your PDF into Excel as an image.
However, only the first page of the PDF will appear in Excel. If you need multiple PDF pages imported into your Excel sheet, save those pages as separate PDFs, then follow these three steps:
  1. Click "Insert" in the menu
  2. Hover over the "Picture" dropdown, and click "Picture from File…"
  3. Locate your PDF on your computer, click "Open", and your imported PDF will appear in your spreadsheet

Importing, exporting, and converting PDF files is easier than ever

With free web applications like Google Docs and open-source software like Apache OpenOffice, it’s simple to turn your PDF into text, text into a PDF, or even open a PDF in another piece of software. And with free online PDF tools at your disposal, you can easily convert Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, and even PDF to Word without opening your wallet.